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Date and Location
Edinburgh, Scotland: 23 May 2011
London, England: 6 June 2011

What role can your discipline play in the future of educating for a circular economy?

  • Learn about the circular economy (CE) – a comprehensive approach to sustainability – and associated tools, such as biomimicry, cradle to cradle thinking, positive development, green chemistry, Blue Economy and natural capitalism
  • Dialogue in disciplinary and interdisciplinary groups to discuss engagement with the circular economy and the curriculum, as well as ideas for CE projects. These sessions will be facilitated by appropriate academics/specialists in the field and will include a creative task to focus the discussions.
  • Feed back to the Foundation and the HEA on their roles and possible support mechanisms necessary to develop curriculum in HEIs around the CE 

Highly volatile energy prices and increasing tightness in the supply of raw materials point to the end game for an economy built on cheap energy and vast materials throughput. Add in the challengesin financial markets around credit and in creating sufficient jobs to satisfy the aspirations of broad swathes of society and the transition required is profound.
New business opportunities and educational and training innovation are beginning to emerge around a model which is variously described as a ‘circular economy’ or a ‘cradle to cradle’* approach. Businesses already working within a circular economy frame include Procter & Gamble, Phillips, Desso, Aveda, Steelcase, and InterfaceFLOR.
These workshops will provide the opportunity for small group dialogue around systems thinking and product, service and system design. Discussion will focus on the framework and the thinking skills that will be at the core of a transition to a circular economy.

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