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Date: 5 November 2009
Location: Strathclyde University, Glasgow

Most risk management activities are carried out by mainstream engineers and depend on engineering judgement, yet there appears to be little formal training or recognition of its importance. The criteria by which an engineer judges adequacy of equipment, materials and tools are often subjective, unstructured and unverified.

Many organisations subcontract risk assessment and management to external consultancies, leaving them exposed should accidents occur. By doing this, they devalue the role of their own staff in understanding hazards and the day-to-day management of the risks.

This one-day seminar will highlight the necessity for every engineer to be competent in making judgements based upon a structured, logical, consistent and thorough approach.

It will increase your understanding of the related issues and allow you to improve your critical thinking and engineering judgement, thereby enabling a better approach to fulfilling obligations to manage risks. You will also be encouraged to produce an action plan for improving engineering judgement and learning within your organisation.

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