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Date: 09 November 2009
Location:Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

The spread of swine flu, MRSA, C. difficile and other infections in the healthcare environment is something that must be tackled on all fronts if we wish to contain the threat to patients, staff and employees working with infected people. In addition to the antiviral treatments available, the innovative use of materials and related technologies has an extremely important secondary role to play within hospitals, health centres, nursing homes, and even the home and office environments.

This one day conference will look at a number of ways of reducing the spread of infection including:
  • the use of innovative design solutions to prevent the build up of bacteria
  • the use of functional materials for applications such as floors, hard surfaces (beds, doors, fittings), textiles (bedding, clothing and soft furnishings), packaging, paints and medical devices
  • detection systems to sense and monitor surfaces and air cleanliness
  • smart solutions and new equipment to kill harmful bacteria and deep clean infected areas
  • prevention of the spread of infection by patient isolation and monitoring, sensing and communication solutions, the identification and use of best practice procedures, and the use of telecare and telehealth technology to minimise the unnecessary movement of infected patients

This conference will outline the specific requirements of the NHS, as identified by the National Innovation Centre's WIBGI methodologies, it will also feature the NHS HCAI Technology Innovation Programme and the Technology Strategy Board's SBRI (Small Business Research Initiatives) competition to reduce hospital contracted infections.

It will feature new technologies generated by businesses in healthcare and commercial sectors which are both new to the NHS and those which are currently being trialled.

Who Should Attend
  • producers
  • specifiers
  • manufacturers of healtcare related products and devices
  • those responsible for infection control in the broadest sense

For further information and registration details please visit: