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Date: 14 June 2010
Location: University of York

In addition to traditional requirements such as safety, effective learning and research, and good working conditions, today’s chemical laboratories must also respond to regulatory, stakeholder and other demands to minimise environmental impacts and otherwise contribute to sustainable development. This free workshop highlights existing examples of, and provides an opportunity to discuss, best practice responses to this challenge by chemists in university and other laboratories. The topics covered include:

  • Means of introducing sustainability topics into the chemistry curriculum
  • Key sustainability knowledge for chemists
  • Opportunities to minimise chemical consumption and costs, and to increase safety through micro-scale experimentation and chemical management
  • The benefits of laboratory audits, and how to undertake them
  • Minimising the environmental impacts of fume cupboards and equipment

The day will be of interest to a variety of audiences from universities, colleges and schools, including lecturers and teachers, laboratory managers and technicians, and environmental and health and safety champions, as well as external suppliers. To reflect specific interests, the afternoon will split into two streams, one focused on learning and teaching, and other on laboratory operation.

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