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The winner of this competition has been announced, click here to find out who won and to read the winning essay.


Are you a student studying a Materials-based degree or course?

Would you like to win £400?

Would you like the opportunity to express your views on:

How can Materials Science help save the planet from environmental disaster?

‘The world’s climate is changing and will continue to change at rates unprecedented in recent human history.  The impacts and risks associated with these changes are real and are already happening in many systems and sectors essential for human livelihood, including water resources, food security, coastal zones and health’ (UN Climate Change Convention, December 2009).

The Higher Education Academy’s UK Centre for Materials Education, is offering anyone studying Materials as part of your HE course the chance to share your thoughts on what part Materials Science should play in helping save the planet from environmental disaster. This should be submitted as a 1000 word essay (or equivalent 5min podcast/vidcast).

Although we would welcome a well-written account (or alternative electronic submission) don’t be put off if you feel your English writing or oral skills aren’t perfect. We are more interested in your ability to capture and express your thoughts and relate them to your current course.

So get writing, podcasting or vidcasting and share your thoughts with us.

Deadline for submission: 28 February 2010

How to submit your entry
Please email your entry to by Sunday 28 February 2010 ensuring you include your:

  • Name
  • University
  • Department
  • Course Title
  • Year of Study
  • Term/home address (please state which one you use as main)
  • Contact telephone number
  • Contact email address

Written entries will be accepted in .doc, .docx or.pdf format, audio in .mp3 or .wma and video in .avi/.mpg/.mov. File sizes must not exceed 10MB.

UKCME reserve editorial rights for any entries we choose to publish on our website.



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